3D Printing Advanced Ceramics

SiNAPTIC Technologies is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of advanced ceramic materials, with a focus on leveraging the distinctive properties of silicon nitride to improve lives.

Why Silicon Nitride Is Perfect for Additive Manufacturing

Silicon Nitride

Silicon nitride has been adopted across numerous industries as it is incredibly heat-stable and has one of the highest fracture resistances of any advanced ceramic material.
OEM 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing Solutions


Our additive manufacturing process allows for intricate designs across a variety of medical and industrial applications. Our team is on-site to help clients immediately with development, prototyping and testing.
3D Printed Technical Ceramic Product Solutions


SiNAPTIC's 3D printing technology uses advanced ceramic materials and engineering principles to produce innovative products and enhance people’s lives.

Product Applications

Medical 3D Printed Product Solutions Using Technical Ceramics
Medical Products
Silicon Nitride 3D Printed Parts for Manufacturers
Industrial Products
Aerospace, Defense, and Other Industry Manufacturing Specialty Parts
Aerospace/Defense Products

We Have Partnered With the Best

Cutting Edge Technology

We have partnered with best-in-class companies to develop our process and products. Our unparalleled additive manufacturing capabilities allow for intricate designs across a variety of medical and industrial applications.

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